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7-8 million years ago – human lineage (Hominini a.k.a. hominins) diverged from the lineage of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees (Panini) (estimated date from Langergraber et al. 2012). The divergence may have happened in Greece itself according to new studies on skeletal remains of Graecopithecus freybergi (Fuss et al. 2017). (Episodes 2a, 2b)

2.5 million years ago

1.8 million years ago – diminutive Homo erectus (sometimes called Homo georgicus) lived in Georgia near the Russian boarder. This means that Homo erectus must have crossed through Europe at this time (CITE)

1 million years ago

500,000 years ago

350,000-150,000 years ago – An archaic human, probably Homo heidelbergensis, died and left behind a skull in Petrolona, Greece, now known as the Petrolona Skull (Episode 2a)

– Some group of archaic humans left behind Achulean-like stone tools on Crete (Episode 2)