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Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic

  • Episode 2: Sailing the Paleolithic Mediterranean (Narrative) Posted 03-29-17
  • Episode 3: Human Evolution in Ten Minutes (Narrative) Posted 10-17-17
    • Download Episode 3
    • Episode 3 Transcript
  • Episode 5 Sailing the Paleolithic Mediterranean, a Reprise (Metholdology)
  • Episode 6: New Theories about Graecopithecus freybergi (Narrative)
  • Episode 7: Life in Greece in the Lower Paleolithic (Narrative)
  • Episode 8: Neanderthals in Greece (Narrative)
  • Episode 9: Franchthi Cave, the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Phases
  • Episode 10: Franchthi Cave, the Stratigraphy
  • Episode 11: Franchthi Cave, the Neolithic
  • Episode 12: The Neolithic on the Cyclades
  • Episode 13: The Neolithic on Crete
  • Episode 14: The Neolithic in Athens
  • Episode 15: The Neolithic in Northern Greece

Bronze Age

  • Introduction to the Bronze Age
  • The Early Bronze Age in Greece
  • The Early Bronze Age in the Cyclades
  • The Early Bronze Age on Crete
  • Who were the Minoans?

Iron Age

Archaic Age