Episode 0 exists!

So I finally finished my editing of Episode 0. I’ve learned a lot and with future tracks I will learn a lot more about the editing process and be able to create cleaner and better tracks, as well as more engaging. See the link here (https://soundcloud.com/history-of-greece/episode-0) or the player below:

Please let me know what you think here, on soundcloud, or via email. I want to rewrite the script of the episode to make it a little more engaging and more narrative or argument focused. Also, I am planning on trying to upgrade my equipment with a pop guard and learn a bunch more about audacity. So let me know if you have tips, tricks, or thoughts!


Episode 0, Forthcoming

So I spent a bunch of today editing my old recording of episode 1. However, after talking to my future collaborator, I realized that I need to significantly edit and reorganize the script for Episode 1. However, I thought, since I have the file in somewhat decent shape, that I would post what I have for those of you to listen to it.

The first episode is a prologue to the project of the podcast. It is a defense of the study of ancient Greek history and an explanation of the relevance of this period to our own.

In theory, I am going to revamp everything about this episode before it eventually airs as the real Episode 1. There will be a new script, new music, and better sound quality. But tomorrow I will post this as a teaser for the podcast to come.

History of Greece is back, after a short hiatus

Hello! I took much more time than I anticipated getting the episode ready. I was in the editing process and then a bunch of things got in my way, between graduate school and my personal life. Now, after a rather long summer, I am ready to get back on track!

I am planning on possibly rerecording the first episode, because editing has been such a nightmare. However, I may release the original recording as a preview and then rerelease a better recording of the episode along with the second episode of the podcast. Stay tuned!

This week, my best friend came into town and she helped encourage me and is, I believe, going to help me with some aspects of the project, which will hopefully help everything go a lot faster and smoother.