Now Live on Stitcher and Google Play Music

Hi everyone. As I said yesterday, the podcast is up on iTunes, although I still cannot seem to get a link for it. Since it has gone up on iTunes, for those of you who, like me, use Podcast Republic to access iTunes podcasts on android devices, you can also search for it with the ‘Search Podcast’ function.

I have, however, received confirmation that the first episode is on Stitcher, so if that is your preferred podcast listening method, go for it!

I also got an email from Google Play Music that the podcast went live. Check it out!

If you use another alternate podcast source, let me know and I’ll try to post it there.



Hi everyone. The podcast is now on iTunes. I can’t seem to get a link for it, but you can search for it in the iTunes store or on Podcast Republic.

I am currently also attempting to post the podcast on Stitcher and Google Play. Stay tuned!

Episode 1: Proem (Introduction)

‘Episode 1: Proem’ also known as ‘why Greek history is still important today’.

Hello everyone! I have now posted episode 1 of the podcast! It is a brief introduction to the fascinating aspects of Greek history.

For those of you who have been following from the beginning, Episode 1: Proem is a revised version of Episode 0. There are some changes to the script. I also changed the music. After about 40 tries at recording my own guitar sound, I gave up and found a pubic domain song called “Acoustic Shifter” by *imp*.

Enjoy! Please comment and let me know what you think. I will be working on posting this on iTunes this afternoon.

Podcast List

Hi everyone. So I should be re-recording Episode 0 tomorow– with some changes and corrections. Hopefully it will be good. When I’m done editing (wish me luck!) I will put it all up on iTunes as well as SoundCloud.

In the meantime, Ryan from The History of Ancient Greece podcast just posted a list of related podcasts. It’s a really great list and I highly suggest checking out his recommendations!


Getting Serious

I have now acquired a decent microphone! I got a Blue Yeti. I’m pretty excited about it. My testing on it sounds so much better than my old mic! I’m looking forward to editing and rerecording Episode 0, which I will probably retitle Episode 1. I am also about 2500 words into Episode 2 on the Paleolithic. I’m just waiting for one of my sources to come in through interlibrary loan and it should be relatively quick to finish. Watch this space!

I also just started a Patreon account (visit at For those of you who haven’t heard of Patreon, it’s a really cool website which acts like a modern grass-roots version of the old patron system for funding artists. Here’s what I mean. Back in ancient Greece, the famous poet Pindar worked writing victory odes for the rich who succeeded in athletic competitions. People like Hiero, the tyrant of Syracuse, would support poets like Pindar at their court while the poet would write and perform. Today, nothing so grand happens. Patreon instead allow individuals to pledge $1 or more to an artist, podcaster, writer, etc. either per work or per month (I’ve chosen the per work model because I will probably post episodes no more than once or twice per month). The greater amount you pledge, the more benefits you get. The artist or writer chooses what these benefits are and details them along the right side of the website. It’s a pretty cool idea and makes sense in a world where it is getting easier for artists, writers, etc. to share their work through non-traditional channels and build up a grass roots audience. Many artists you may recognize are on there including the comic who writes and draws Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal as well as Philosophy Tube even Ryan Stitt who creates the other Greek History podcast.

So check out Patreon. It’s pretty cool.