Episode 0 exists!

So I finally finished my editing of Episode 0. I’ve learned a lot and with future tracks I will learn a lot more about the editing process and be able to create cleaner and better tracks, as well as more engaging. See the link here (https://soundcloud.com/history-of-greece/episode-0) or the player below:

Please let me know what you think here, on soundcloud, or via email. I want to rewrite the script of the episode to make it a little more engaging and more narrative or argument focused. Also, I am planning on trying to upgrade my equipment with a pop guard and learn a bunch more about audacity. So let me know if you have tips, tricks, or thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Episode 0 exists!

  1. Really cool introductory episode! You have a great sense of humor and one can feel your enthusiasm. The episode is easy to follow, learned, and eloquent. I think your project has the potential to be something really great. I’m looking forward to the next episode! I also recently launched a podcast on ancient Greece and just discovered yours. If you’d like to share sound-editing tips or exchange ideas let me know. Keep up the great work!

    Lantern Jack

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’ll check yours out. I’ve got bronchitis at the moment, so I won’t be posting another episode for a few weeks at least. But I’d love to correspond about sound editing (I’m really new to all this)!


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