Technical Updates 1

Hi everyone. So I’ve been doing some research and I’ve established a hosting site and an RSS feed for the podcast. I am planning on starting originally by hosting the files on Onedrive and using Zapier to create the RSS feed. I realize that this is a less traditional way to host a podcast. In fact, I know that there are rumors going around that one cannot host a podcast via Onedrive due to terms of use restrictions, but I read them pretty carefully and couldn’t find anything that would indicate this was a problem. I plan eventually, I think, to upgrade to hosting on Amazon S3, but it looks like I need a lot of technical expertise to set up Amazon S3 (and figure out how to link it to an RSS feed) so I’m probably going to try to learn that system after I put up the first few episodes.

Since I am using an unusual method, I’m going to need a lot of feedback once I get the first episode up (which should hopefully be soon!). Please let me know whether the RSS feed works, whether download times are slow, if the streaming works on the website, etc. I’ll try to adjust things and respond to feedback quickly (although this is a learning process for me, especially from the technical side).

So I created my Zapier account today and it seems to work. And I have the script for episode 1 finished. Now, all that is left to do is record, edit, connect the RSS feed to the site, and cross my fingers nothing goes wrong. Wish me luck!


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